MCAM is the Foreign-Investment Consulting Unit of Colombian law firm MC Enterprise Corporate SAS (Mendoza & Cornejo), offering you the necessary expertise to turn your business vision into reality. We are a bilingual team of international and local experts, specialised in investment consultancy, advising foreign clients on how to leverage their businesses safely and profitably into Colombia.  

Doing business in any new market can seem daunting, but taking a strategic approach and investing in the help of local qualified professionals will ease the process. MCAM will help you to vastly reduce the legal headaches, setup costs and time taken to enter the market. You will gain the experience of seasoned locals with expert local knowledge and contacts, having someone on the ground to always look after your business interests.

Mendoza & Cornejo has considerable expertise in all corporate law areas, providing your business with a comprehensive, efficient and reliable service, tailored specifically to your needs. The firm already acts as a regular advisor to local and international clients in the following industries: manufacturing, distribution, construction, engineering, infrastructure, concessions for oil, gas and mining, energy and power, financial services among many others.

Services offered:

Local Company Registration
Statutory Reforms
Legal Proceedings
Foreign Establishments
Civil and Commercial Contracts
Insurance Legalities
Acquisitions, mergers and divisions of companies.

Have peace of mind and let us help you navigate the complex bureaucratic and legal hurdles so often faced by foreign entrepreneurs in Colombia.


Entering a business in any new market can be a challenge and not only requires good business development – but familiarity with the local laws, customs, language, nuances of the culture, infrastructure and knowledge of the commercial climate. Understanding a business model in one country, doesn’t translate to understanding it in another. That’s why our experienced local and international team are on the ground to smooth your market entry.

MCAM’s services are tailored to individual client requirements, we maintain close, long-term relationships to ensure commercial success.

We provide the best hands-on support and strategic advice in areas including:

We have experience in all corporate law areas; from registering your company to negotiating contracts, antitrust and trademark issues, employment law, obtaining visas, international commercial transactions and advising you on tax legalities and much more. Have peace of mind and let us help you navigate the complex legal hurdles so often faced by foreign entrepreneurs in Colombia.

Our cutting-edge analysis and forecasting is a fundamental part in advising clients on the right investment strategies. We work with the top industry analysts to produce reports – providing strategic and operational solutions to businesses expanding in Colombia. Profound experience and the latest data-tools allow us to ascertain competition, assess the regulatory and market environment, providing a customised picture that identifies and gauges the risks and opportunities to your business. Our consultants can then develop the most suitable policy actions, specifically for your business to enhance economic success.

Companies don’t just rely on excellent services and products – their reputations are paramount to success and this is dependent on their feat of branding, marketing and public relations efforts. That’s why MCAM have invested in the best media gurus, crisis communication consultants, social media, PR & marketing experts to optimise your public presence and strengthen your reputation and core values.

We know how hard it can be to manage the operational aspects of your company in a foreign country – the ins and outs, the essential cogs of your business to keep it ticking over to success. MCAM offer all the operational support to help get your business up and running, such as: the training and hiring of employees, interim management, 3PL, organisational strategy and planning, project management, invoicing, payment roll and business administration.

The real estate landscape in Colombia is booming, housing prices are rising steadily and there’s an excellent conversion rate between the Colombian Peso and the Dollar. Since foreigners have the same property rights as locals in Colombia, opportunity is huge, but without the right advice, transactions can be complicated in terms of – purchase agreements and proper study of property titles, regulations, language barriers and legal complexities differing to your home country. Our team have expertise in sourcing property, property management and consultancy, transactions, location analysis, civil & structural engineering, quantity surveying, sustainability, buyer representation, asset management and rental administration.



You have the option of different legal vehicles to establish your local business presence in Colombia.

  • Simplified Shares Corporation (SAS)
  • Corporations (SA)
  • Limited Liability Company (Ltda)
  • Limited Partnership (Sociedad en Comandita)
  • Branch of a foreign company


These are broadly characterized into three different structures:

Capital Based Entities

Person Based Entities

Branch of a Foreign Company

Branch of a Foreign Company

Permanent foreign companies are obliged to incorporate a branch or subsidiary in Colombia as a local representation of the foreign company. Branches acts oblige the main foreign company and do not constitute it as a new legal vehicle

Capital Based Entities

Where the capital is the prevailing element, corporation (SA) and Simplified Stock Corporations (SAS)

Person Based Entities

Where the partners personal qualities are considered to be essential elements of the business, Limited Liability companies fall under this category

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Our team is willing to solve all your queries and advise you as to what corporation type will best suit your needs and business model. Contact MCAM now for a personalised consultation.

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